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                                    Model: 9903            Price: $380.00*                               Model: 9902            Price: $280.00*

                                    Open Length:    Appr. 9"                                                  Open Length:    Appr. 6-3/4" (Each)

                                    Handle Material:    Ziracote Wood                                    Handles:    Micarta (Top); Ziracote (Bottom)


Model: 9989            Price: $180.00*

Length:   Appr. 8-1/2"                         

Handle Material:   Maple Burl Wood    




Model: 9907            Price: $290.00*                                Model: 9907A            Price: $350.00*

                                             Open Length: Appr. 7-3/8" (each)                                         Open Length: Appr. 7-3/8"

                                             Handles: Maple (Top); Micarta (Bottom)                               Handle Material: Elk Horn



                                                                                Model: 0303               Price: $300.00*

                                                                                Open Length: Appr. 5"

                                                                                Handle Material: Jig Bone



                                    Model: 0302A              Price:$420.00*                            Model: 0302B              Price: $420.00*

                                    Open Length: Appr. 8-1/4"                                                 Open Length: Appr. 8-1/4"

                                    Handles: Black Micarta w/Pearl Inlay                                  Handle Material: Horn



                                                                                Model: 0302C             Price: $500.00*

                                                                                Open Length: Appr.8-1/4"

                                                                                Handle Material: Olive Wood             






* +additional shipping, handling, insurance, and paypal fees apply. All prices and content subject to change without prior notice. 


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